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Why does Sourceful Climate exist?

Sourceful Climate helps brands to take stand-out action on climate change.

We remove barriers for businesses to contribute to some of the world’s most pioneering carbon removal projects. Projects that could secure our planet's future and need your help to scale.

Will the planet hit its climate targets? You decide.

How will my contribution be spent?

100% of your contribution will fund permanent carbon removal. Sourceful doesn't take a cut of your contribution; in fact, we will 1:1 match your contribution, effectively doubling your impact.

When you contribute £2000 to Sourceful Climate, you’re contributing to each of the three projects, permanently removing just over 41 tonnes of CO2 from the atmosphere. No one else can claim that amount (and we don’t double count on tonnes of carbon removal).

Approximately 46% goes to Charm, 46% goes to Greensand and 7% goes to Heirloom.

This is actually a known under-estimate of the amount of CO2 that will be removed, due to the fact that the Olivine used in the Greensand projects will continue to capture and remove CO2 for up to 1000 years. We have only included the first 100 years in the above 41 tonnes.

What is the price per tonne for carbon removal through Sourceful Climate?

You effectively pay £48.77 per tonne of carbon dioxide permanently removed. This is incorporating the fact that Sourceful 1:1 matches your contribution, therefore doubling your tonnage.

What do you provide in return?

We want to keep you close to these projects as they develop and to help you shout about the stand-out action you’re taking. For twelve months, we’ll provide you with:

  • A quarterly insight report on the carbon removal projects
  • A marketing toolkit, with assets that communicate your contribution and the projects you're supporting
What will be the impact of my contribution?

We selected the three projects in our portfolio based on their potential to become large scale (at least 1 million tonnes of removal) and

All of these projects need capital and time to deliver their projects. With more capital, we can reduce the time required for these technologies to progress down their learning curve. In other words, they need contributions from brands like yours, and other like-minded pioneers, to reach their potential.

We have modelled the price trajectory of our three chosen projects based on targets they have provided. With your contribution, they can bring down costs by two-thirds in the next five years. By 2040, the costs will be at just 15% of what they are today.

How is Sourceful Climate different from traditional offsets and short-term carbon removal?

Sourceful Climate is not a traditional offset. Traditional offsets, although low cost, are unlikely to scale to the required level needed to meet climate targets.

Traditional offsets come in the form of emission reductions. This means that the credit you purchase stops someone else from emitting the equivalent amount. The best outcome you can achieve is halving overall emissions, but you still emitted, and we know that’s not enough to solve the climate crisis.

Tree planting is one example of short-term carbon removal. Trees are good, the planet needs them, but they can’t bring down the level of CO2 in the atmosphere sufficiently on their own. This is for two reasons:

  1. To achieve the necessary scale for this, we would need to plant trees in an area equivalent to the size of Argentina, and this isn’t feasible with population expected to grow to 10 billion this century.
  2. Trees are a short-term form of carbon storage and for example, when they burn or decay, they release CO2 back into the atmosphere.

It is abundantly clear that the planet needs permanent carbon removal and technology that can take CO2 out of the atmosphere and store it for over 1000 years.

This is why we setup Sourceful Climate.

What was Sourceful's process for identifying these three projects?

You can find our process here

Can I contribute to specific projects as opposed to all three?

No, and we’d like to tell you why.

We support multiple projects for several reasons:

  1. The cost of each project differs because they’re at different stages of maturity. By having a portfolio we can manage costs and flatten the playing field for the different technologies
  2. There’s no single solution that will scale to remove enough CO2 from the atmosphere alone, we need to develop different technologies.
If emissions of multiple greenhouse gases are causing the climate crisis, why do we focus only on removing CO2 from the atmosphere?

After measuring long-term global warming impacts, it’s clear that carbon dioxide is the most important greenhouse gas emitted by human activity (2). CO2 has a long life, and its impact can last for centuries – or even millennia (3).

Other greenhouse gases (methane, nitrous oxide, and hydrofluorocarbons) have a much shorter atmospheric life of between ten and one hundred years. The concentration of CO2 is much higher than that of other gases. For example, while CO2 is at 415ppm (January 2021), methane is at 2ppm.

If you are a project working on mitigating the impacts of other greenhouse gas emissions, we'd love to hear from you at climate@sourceful.io.


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How do you ensure the effective delivery of the carbon removal projects?

We engage directly with our projects and their founders regularly and check on the progress of the technology, its scaling journey and the delivery of our carbon removal tonnage. We then share this information with you in our quarterly reports.

  • Charm Industrial’s full tonnage will be delivered before the end of 2022.
  • For Greensand, the Olivine continues to remove and store CO2 until it is saturated at the end of life.
  • Heirloom's full tonnage will be delivered before the end of 2022.